100 things to do during quarantine.

Hey there. Hope your well and safe. During this pandemic that is happening around the world, keep safe and listen to the government’s directives so that you are able to avoid contraction of the virus and take care of your loved ones. Remember to wash your hands frequently, wear your masks, disinfect the surfaces and keep hydrated.

However, we at plot 256 have complied a list of things you can do while you stay at home for the 32 days of quarantine given by the government. This will keep you from being bored and will keep you busy and on your toes.

  1. Complete a puzzle. This will be such a fun idea to do with friends and family. Some puzzles are small while others are large. These will definitely keep you busy for the whole day and will be fun to do.
  2. Start a journal or a blog. What you write about does not matter. Write whatever comes to your mind and the topics to choose from are endless; from food to music, art to love.
  3. Play the musical instrument you might have kept away for a long time. You can also download an app from the play stores to help you with your learning and in case you don’t have the real actual instrument with you. Play that piano. Play that saxophone.
  4. Re kindle old friendships and relationships. I have been reading beautiful stories on twitter of how family members are getting back together after such a long time of not being on good terms. This would be a good time to forgive and let the past go. Talk to that friend you last spoke to eight years ago. Talk to that family member you did not get along with. The beauty of having technology and social media is to ease our communication with those around us.
  5. Poetry is one of the most beautiful things we have been blessed with. How about you explore your talent and write that poem. There is a calmness and eloquence that comes with reading and writing poems.
  6. Watch movies and series. As of January 2020, so many movies have been released. How about you subscribe to Netflix and watch all the movies and series you have always wanted to watch. You could also re watch some of your old favorites. Anyone want to watch with me the Vampire Diaries?
  7. Download the Duolingo app and learn a new language. From Spanish to Hebrew, Swahili to French, the choice is yours. Who knows, this could come in handy at a certain point in time. I bet being linguistic would also look bomb on your C. V.
  8. Plan a trip that you have always wanted to make. This pandemic will end and we shall all need a vacation to reset our minds and forget about what we went through. Try to search for the places of interest, how much it will cost you to make that trip.
  9. Meditate! Meditate! Meditate. This has proved to be healthy for your mental being. How about you play that soothing sound or music and let your mind wander. Do this for 30 minutes thrice a week. Don’t think about what is happening but think of all the things you have always wanted to do and imagine what you want your life to look like.
  10. Self care should be on your to do list. You have plenty of time to start that skin care routine. Use that coffee body scrub. Try that lip scrub. Try using the sugar method of removing hair. No more excuses.

11.Take care of your pet. Let us be honest, some of your pets have not had a bath in a very long time. Now would be a great time to pamper them and show them some love. Remember, animals do have feelings to.

12. Make some board games. Draft,chess and ludo are some of the ideas you can make right now.

13. Read a novel. It doesn’t matter what genre you are reading. Fiction, love, horror or sci-fi, the choice is yours.

14. Try that new cooking recipe. Google, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are all there to help you create that new recipe. Make sure you use only the required foods and measurements so as to save enough on your resources.

15. Write letters to your loved ones and read it to them. Make sure you encourage them and keep them positive. That is all we need at this trying time in the world.

16. Learn some art work. Calligraphy would be a great start to do that. Don’t be to hard on yourself when it comes to art. Remember, art is a beautiful mess. Create that beautiful mess.

17. Read the rules to the games you like playing such as luddo. This will keep you from arguing with your friends while playing the game and save you time.

18. Write your own play. Who knows, it could be the next Romeo and Juliet. You could be the next Shakespeare the world is looking for.

19. Organise your utensils. This will help reduce on the mess in your kitchen and make your work easy while looking for that cooking pot or spoon.

20. Organise your closet. While at it, try out those clothes, for those that don’t fit, pack them in boxes and donate them to the homeless or poor people in your community. It does not take a penny to be kind to someone out there.

21. Go through your goal list and see what you have accomplished and what you have not. Check and see if there are some goals you can go on with in doors such as exercise, yoga or de-cluttering.

22. Watch those YouTube channels that you find interesting. So many people have knowledge to share with the world on YouTube. Subscribe to the TED talk channels and see what the different individuals have to say. Now is a great learning time. My personal favourite YouTube vloggers are Natalie Tewa, Flavia K Tumusiime, Lisa Nichols among others. Don’t forget to also check out the Ugandan YouTube channel; Black No Sugar.

23. Bake that cake, pie or cookies. Ever wanted to bake that cake but did not have three hours to spare, well now you have got all the time in the world to spare. Go to the internet and learn and follow the steps on how to make a sponge cake or marble cake or amazing different toppings. Remember not to waste food and use only the needed proportions.

24. Watch those award shows and be the movie critic. Did some movies deserve to win the Oscars or not. If you have not watched some of the movies, now would be a great time to watch them. I recommend that you watch Bed of Thrones acted and produced by Ugandans. Did you know it won so many accolades and received so much recognition outside Uganda?

25. Ladies, wash those make up brushes and wigs. One of the reasons as to why we get acne is using dirty make up brushes. Deep condition those wigs so that they look new and have a fresh new scent to them.

26. Do a finance check. Are you saving enough? Are you spending so much on non essential commodities? Are there habits you would like to change when it comes to your money? All these are important questions we need to ask ourselves. It is at this moment in time that I have realised saving money is important. It helps you go through those days that are hard.

27. Write positive messages to your friends and family. Keep reminding them that we shall go through this and come out winners.

28. Knit, sew and crotchet. This is a new skill you can learn or improve during this time. There is nothing you have to do the whole day so this should be a good time for your to explore your talents.

29. Face time your loved ones and make sure you keep in touch in them. Communication is key to keep all your relationships strong.

30. Exercise. There are plenty of apps such as Nike that you can download and do your workouts inside. Do those squats, donkey kicks or sit ups. Remember to always stretch before and after your workout out so that you release the tension in those muscles.

31. Read your Holy books. Get some time off and spend it with God. Pray to him about what is happening and cry your heart out. Pray for the sick and those risking their lives to treat those who are infected with the virus.

32. Encourage yourself. Look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are lovable, your are worthy and you are awesome. You are an epitome of strength and wisdom.

33. Listen to some music. Download that whole album and play song by song. Slow dance with your loved one. Take a trip down the memory lane. From Whitney to Madonna to Aretha Franklin, the choice is yours.

34. Are you a student? Have you been lagging behind on your school work? This is the time to read and grasp that concept. Make sure you fully understand it so that you ace that paper once school re opens.

35. Coloring books are just not for children. Get the book and shade the bird or the table. Let your mind be creative. Blend those colors.

36. Reflect on your life. Are you happy? Have you done enough? Have you shown love to those around you? Is there something more you can do for the community?

37. Write a story or a novel. Get that wattpad app and write your novel. This app is so good for starting writers and I highly recommend it.

38. Reproduce that Pinterest. It could be painting your phone cover with the old nail polish you do not use anymore. It could be changing the fashion of those jeans you wore ten years ago. Just get the app and get started.

39. Camp indoors. Clear that family room and get those camping tents in. Tell stories you would tell at a camp and fun activities. Eat those snacks that you would have carried to a real actual camp.

40. Surprise a friend or family member with a hand mad gift. It could be a card made out of paper or a cloth that you knitted. Ensure to keep your hands clean and disinfected.

41. Fix the broken things in your home. That door knob that you ignored for the past few weeks, that squeaky sound that comes from your bedroom door. Please be careful and if you do not know how to fix or have never fixed anything in your life, this is not for you then. Safety is important to us.

42. Clean and dust those shoes. Organise your shoe rack or drawer. Use shoe cleaning materials and equipment so as to remove that dull look that had be on them for years. Do not forget to donate ghost shoes that you might not use anymore.

43. Play or make your own monopoly. This game will test your mind and spending habits. Will you buy the hotel or not? Will you save the cash or go into debt?

44. My natural hair people, time to start those natural hair routines. Deep condition that hair. Do a hot treatment once every two weeks. Learn how to plait that conrow or French braid. You have enough time to perfect these skills and love your 4c or 3c hair. The texture and type does not really matter.

45. Ladies, de-clutter your make up areas. Organise those foundations and lip sticks in order so that you create tidiness in your area. Throw away the old make up that expired or got used up.

46. Interview a family member. Make your own Ellen DeGeneres show. I bet you will learn something new you did not know about one of your people.

47. Make a photo book. Go into the camera roll and collect those beautiful memories. You can create the book in your phone or print out the images and make a real actual photo book. Share tia idea with friends and family and see how fun that would be.

48. Start a book club or anything club online. Decide the book you will read as a group and discuss it after. This will keep you busy and in touch with other people so as not to feel lonely.

49. Write about what hour day was in quarantine in your notebook or google documents and share the numerous ideas with other people. This will keep you busy and give you new ideas.

50. Write a list of all the things you are grateful for and pin it on your fridge or on your bed. Every morning when you wake up, read it to yourself. Be grateful for food, good health, availability of food and being alive even during this world lock down.

51. Wine tasting would be such a great idea. Do research on how that wine was made or the process of growing grapes used in the winery. Remember, alcohol is for those that are eighteen years and above. Please do drink responsibly. We wouldn’t want you coming out of quarantine with a drinking problem.

52. Disinfect your home area and surfaces. We have been advised that one of the ways you can kill the virus is to disinfect your home. Use alcohol based sanitizer or soap. Make sure you don’t not use the alcohol in places that have fire. Alcohol is highly flammable. You can use the alcohol based content in your bathrooms and bedrooms.

53. Perfect your favourite recipe. God knows I love me some chicken. You are going to definitely find me trying to make some tasty chicken or marinating it in various ways. Again, please save food resources in this time.

54. Learn about the food around you. Do you know the composition of lemons and apples? How do sweet potatoes grow in the soil?

55. Teach your community about what you study. Are you a lawyer? Teach the community about the laws? Are you a doctor? Teach the community about how to keep safe during the pandemic of the corona virus. You don’t have to get in direct contact with the people but rather use face time or the various social media platforms.

56. Act a movie with your friends and family. You could act bird box or sound of the music. Just ensure to keep safe and don’t use dangerous equipment such as knives.

57. Make paper games that you can play. You could get the ideas from Pinterest or google. The internet is here for us to use.

58. Learn new words you can use. Download the dictionary app and learn new words such as ambiguous among others. Know their meaning and where you can apply them.

59. Do your own scavenger hunt or Amazing Race in the house. This would be fun to do. Give the winning team some money so as to encourage everyone to join the team.

60. Play some indoor games such as soccer, netball or volleyball. Clear out that garage area so as to create space for those games to happen easily.

61. Try something new like dye in your hair. Make sure you follow the instructions so that you do not damage your hair. Ask someone to help you so that you don’t create a mess. Let this quarantine get done with a new look on you.

62. Tik -tok is one of the most trending apps right now. Almost everyone has a new Tik tok account. How about you also try to make some funny Tik tok videos to make people laugh and you too will have fun with this.

63. Re arrange your jewelry so that you can easily find your earrings or rings. Clean them and make sure they are kept in a clean place that will prevent rust.

64. Caddy out some charity work. Donate money to people’s accounts or GoMe funds. Some people are need of any money and any resources you can provide to the needy people out there.

65. Try making different coffees and teas and see if you would like them. Try garlic tea, ginger tea or cinnamon tea.

66. Get comic subscriptions and enjoy a good laugh. I love me some Spider Man and teenage Ninja Turtles.

67. Re arrange your furniture and give your home a new look.

68. Make your own food recipe or juice recipes. Many recipes are out there, how about you make your own and share it with the world.

69. Organise your spice rack according to alphabetical order to ease looking for spices.

70. Teach your pet new tricks it can learn to do outside later on after the pandemic has ended.

71. Read and memorize the periodic table.

72. Read about your favourite celebrities and know their bibliography.

73. Get apps and try their free trial month before it expires. Apps like Netflix and numerous working apps.

74. Apply for that online job and perfect your C. V and do online conferences. Learn more about the company you are applying for so research about the the of job you are doing.

75. Learn some new dance movies off YouTube. Do you know how to do the shaku dance? Watch some dancers such as Aliyah Janell and Matt steffanina to learn some new movies. You can also do dance exercises.

76. Write a will. This might sound dramatic but you have some free time on you, how about you do this too.

77. Plant vegetables and start a garden. Save the planet and play a tree. You can plant green peppers or tomatoes that do not require so much space.

78. Ensure you save water and power routine. This sounds obvious but some of us leave taps running and lights on.

79. Learn a new course online. It could be short term or long term. You could apply to certain universities or from Google still.

80. Grew that beard or Afro and take care of it. Feed it with black castor oil or extra virgin oil. You could also use the beard oil.

81. Learn some tongue twisters to keep your brain and mind focused and sharp.

82. Check out online shopping. It has some benefits and disadvantages. Try to learn about that too. It might come in handy during this time. In Uganda, I recommend you to check out Jumia and Ugakurt.

83. Try to use your non dominant hand to brush your hands, comb your hair. If you are right handed, try using your left hand and vice versa.

84. Test your typing skills and then do online typing work that will earn you some money. Google documents will help you improve this talent.

85. Listen to speeches of famous people. Listen to Martin Luther King or Viola Davis among others.

86. Clean up your community if the lock down restrictions are not so tight in your country. Remember to wear your masks and disinfect your hands and surfaces you will touch.

87. Teach your children new things or skills they did not know about. This is the time to bond with your kids as you have plenty of time with them before school re opens.

88. Mentor someone and encourage them to do something they want to do but are scared to do it.

89. Look after your plants and gardens. Water them and fertilize them.

90. Take care of your nails. Clean them, cut them short and for ladies, you can put nail polish.

91. Watch videos of animals around learn how to protect them and love them. See cute videos of lions, elephants and other animals.

92. Write a song.

93. Do you know how to beat box? How about you try learning beat boxing and ensure you ensure you do not throw your spit around. Keep your loved ones safe.

94. Act a super hero. Act like bat man, super man scene, be black widow but don’t forget to keep safe as you try acting this. Do only the safe scenes that won’t harm you.

95. Play song association. It involves saying a word and you sing a song with that word. For more information on how to do this, search for song association on YouTube.

96. Change the fashion of your clothing. Cut those jeans and make them shorts. Cut those shirts and make cut under shirts. Sew those cute buttons onto that boring plain shirt.

97. Sing to a song. Play it on loud and learn the lyrics and sing them out loud.

98. Try and learn some new make up skills such as applying that eye linear.

99. Clean your carpets and sofa sets.

100. Don’t forget to show love, express love and be love.

Remember to be safe and follow the advise given to you on how you can protect yourself from getting the virus.

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