On the 8th March 2020, the world at large decided to celebrate all women for their contribution to mama earth. We celebrated our mothers, sisters, aunties, nieces, grandmothers and all the ladies around us. In Uganda, so many events and concerts were held to honor women. It was a day for women to love themselves and appreciate the fellow women around them and show support and love. Re- known artist Rema Namakula alongside king Saha held their concert at freedom city. 2020 has been a good year for our girl Rema. This year has seen so much success for her music career and her personal life.

The event was sponsored by Pepsi Uganda, Jesa milk and Fenon records. Entrance tickets were going 10k while VIP was paying 30k. At 6pm, the whole arena was filled and the concert kicked off in full gear. Rema surely did not disappoint as she performed her most popular songs like Gutujja, clear and her famous song that celebrates the hardworking women out there, Banyabo. King saha too put up a great performance and we are happy to see women are loved, cherished and honored.

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