Women in business

Sheebah Karungi at the launch of Holic pads.

“ Little girls with big dreams become women of vision ”

Artist, Feminist, Daughter, Friend, mother are some of the titles held by Sheebah Karungi. However, on 8th March 2020, she added a new title to the list; Chief Executive Officer (C. E. O) when she launched her new sanitary towels brand Holic Pads. The launch took place during the Diamond Potential Women’s Day Business Expo at UMA show grounds in celebration of the International women’s day. It was organised and sponsored by Darling Uganda, Next media services and fenon records. The expo was attended by women role models such as Dr. Maggie Kigozi, Mrs. Kabuura Flavia Tumusiime, Ms. Anna Kansiime among others.

It is no shock that the business mogul decided to make sanitary towels as she has proved to fight for women and be the voice to the voiceless girls. In Uganda, one out of eight girls misses class during her menstrual cycle. This is due to the fact that they lack sanitary towels or have little or no education about what to do in case the monthly cycle starts. This has caused an increase in the drop out of girls in schools especially in the rural areas. This was therefore a reason as to why the queen herself decided to make sanitary towels. This is a plan she has had in mind for a couple of years and it was therefore an exciting moment to see her dream come to pass. As a woman, I am grateful that we are not forgotten and stand up for each other. A woman who thinks of the well being of other women is to be praised. On behalf of Plot 256, a big thank you and congratulations upon this new milestone goes out to the queen herself; Sheebah Karungi.

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